Freezer Beef

We proudly claim that you’ll be hard pressed to find a better tasting steak or ground beef than what you’ll find at Accent Angus Farm. Here’s why: it’s so much more than beef. When you’re purchasing beef and steaks from our farm, you’re purchasing the highest quality Angus meat that is truly farm to table. By purchasing from Accent Angus, you can know that each animal is born and raised right on our farm - your product is 100% traceable. We have happy, healthy animals that graze freely - a promise that our cattle are treated humanely and, frankly, with love. Our animals are never given growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics - it is pure, all-natural meat. To ensure the highest level of satisfaction, each animal is delivered to a local processor where you can customize your purchase down to the thickness of each steak. We are proud of our product and are humbled you choose to fill your freezer with our beef.


Quarter Order

125 lbs


  • Steaks - 32.5 lbs.

  • Roasts/brisket - 47.5 lbs.

  • Ground beef - 32.5 lbs.

  • Misc. meats (stew meat, short ribs, soup bones, etc.) - 12.5 lbs.

  • $4.10/lb + processing fee

Whole Order

500 lbs


  • Steaks - 130 lbs.

  • Roasts/brisket - 190 lbs.

  • Ground beef - 130 lbs.

  • Misc. meats (stew meat, short ribs, soup bones, etc.) - 50 lbs.

  • $3.60/lb + processing fee

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Coming soon: smaller, individual beef packages!

Here’s how it works

  • Decide which option you would prefer - quarter, half or whole.
  • Your cost is calculated by what we call “hanging weight”. Hanging weight is the final weight of the carcass before the beef is butchered into various cuts. How you choose to divide the beef is completely up to you!
  • You will pay two separate people - us and the local processor.
    • First, once the steer is taken for processing you will receive an invoice from Accent Angus Farm priced at either $3.60, $3.85, and $4.10/lb of hanging weight, depending on your selection of quarter, half or whole. The hanging weight will vary from animal to animal, but you can expect the final weight of a whole beef to range anywhere from 750-850 pounds.
    • Your second bill will come from the processor. Expect the processing fee of a whole beef order to be approximately $700, $350 for a half, and $175 for a quarter. (This is an estimate. The processor and their fees are completely independent from Accent Angus Farm.) Your overall investment calculates to roughly $5.50-$7.00 per pound...even for the specialty steaks!
  • You can communicate with the processor on how you’d like your beef to be cut, how many steaks you’d like and their respective thickness, and how much of your beef you’d like to be ground and packaged individually into ground beef.

How do I get my order?

As of right now, the easiest way to pick up your meat is directly from the processor. Depending on your location, we may also be able to deliver your freezer beef or meet you at a convenient location for both parties (may be subject to an additional fee). We are actively working on shipping your orders directly to you. These are large shipments and the fees associated with that may be high, but we are willing to ship them to you if necessary.


Place Your ORder

Due to the high demand and the time needed for the animal to reach maturity, there is typically a wait. To guarantee your “spot in line”, please fill out the information below. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email invoice of $100. This is non-refundable, but will be applied to your total out-of-pocket cost. Your confirmation email will have more details regarding your order. Thank you!

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