Six Generations of Angus Cattle Ranching

Welcome to Accent Angus Farm. We are a family-operated grain and cattle farm located in East Central Illinois in a rural farming community that our family has called home for generations - Oakland, Illinois. Located approximately 45 miles southeast of Champaign, our family farm consists of growing and harvesting corn and soybeans, and raising an elite, small herd of Angus cattle. Our history with cattle is woven throughout six generations and our love and passion for the Angus breed solidified itself in 1944 when the true patriarch of the Taylor family, Richard “Dick” Taylor, established our farm’s name. Dick would, in his not-so-subtle way, consistently boast that Angus is the best breed in all the land. Of course, we couldn’t agree more. Today, we are here to provide to you superior Angus genetics and simply the best tasting steaks and beef the industry has to offer. We welcome you to our farm.
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At Accent Angus Farm, “our Accent is on quality.” On our farm, our meat production is superior and wonderfully unique. We raise each animal from birth to its endpoint and can trace exactly where it originated and its genetic background. Our attention to detail is important as we oversee truly every aspect of production to ensure the best tasting, highest quality, 100% pure Angus beef. Our cattle are pasture-raised, having the opportunity to graze on the most luscious grass, and grain-finished. The Angus breed is renowned for its marbling, and our raising practices that we’ve perfected over the last 75+ years have resulted in producing beef that’s extremely tender, juicy and always packed with flavor. Once you taste our product, you will quickly agree that nothing compares to the beef at Accent Angus Farm. Order yours below!

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A History of Excellence

After gaining prominence in the 50s, 60s and 70s, Accent Angus Farm was extremely successful exhibiting cattle in Illinois, surrounding states and on the national level. Through decades of changes and trends that the Angus breed has experienced, one thing has remained the same: our cattle have always exhibited those feminine, angular, show-ring, maternal features for which the Angus breed is so well-known.
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